Integrity. Privacy. Due Diligence.

Founded by Joan Michelman in 1974, MFA is now a family business with expertise in Impressionist, Modern, and Post-War paintings, works on paper and sculpture. Through four decades we have developed longstanding relationships with an international network of collectors, scholars, galleries, museums and private dealers. Many of these relationships begin with a consultation in our boutique viewing room overlooking Central Park. Here we discreetly discuss artworks with all our resources on hand, including our art library, our extensive database, framing examples and professional lighting to analyze potential condition issues. We are transparent and meticulous about the details of authenticity, provenance, condition, clear title and fair market value. In addition to advisory and brokering services, we make acquisitions as principals. 


Joan Michelman


Joan began her career in New York as a private dealer and advisor in American Art from 1840 - 1940. She switched her focus to French Impressionism, Modern and Post-War Art in 1982 and has since orchestrated eight figure deals for the sale of Impressionist masters. Joan's expertise, candor and passion for art, combined with her astute understanding of the market, have earned her the trust and loyalty of collectors and colleagues.

Amy Michelman


For over thirteen years, Amy has developed clients domestically and abroad to facilitate the acquisition of Impressionist, Modern and Post-War Art. She has a keen eye for the iconic examples in a given artist's oeuvre. Amy's clients appreciate her patient and thorough reviews regarding all aspects of positioning an artwork for sale. 


Rebecca Michelman


Rebecca joined MFA in 2003 to focus on global client development and the vetting of Impressionist, Modern, Post-War and Contemporary artworks for acquisition and sale. Fourteen years later, her valuations play a critical role in advising collectors and clients. Rebecca's clients appreciate her compelling presentations and her discerning approach to closing deals. She also consults with new collectors who want curatorial advice as well as guidelines for navigating the art market and mitigating risk.